Lisbeth Cervantes built her fashion styling and artistic career in New York City after living there for many years and learning from some of the best fashion stylists, photographers and editors and creative directors in the NYC fashion sense. First as an assistant, and then taking the lead as a fashion stylist working with various fashion magazines and creative teams.

She recently relocated to the San Francisco, Bay Area and jumped into the fashion sense in the area first as a Visual Merchandiser and now as a Creative/Art Director. She has experience working and building creative teams and creating some amazing experiences within the retail space. Lisbeth loves all arts, ranging from music, dance, art, video, interior design and of course her first love -- fashion. She has a strong eye for creative talent, can predict trends before they happen, and knows what the customer needs before they do. "I love to create experiences for people either through creating art, styling clients, or styling homes and spaces. The purpose of art is to move you and inspire you to think outside of the box, creatives exist because we make the world a fun, inspiring place to live in. I have the ability to find inspiration anywhere, and am always thinking and wanting to learn new things!"

Lisbeth currently resides in the Bay Area in Northern California and can be reached directly at stylist@lisbethc.com. She is available for private, freelance or corporate work.

*All work was either created in NYC or the SF Bay Area

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