Full Glory: The Divine Fearless She

I created these pieces for an art show I did in January of 2019 in Oakland, CA. Each piece represents a fearless female who has stepped into her authentic self, at the time I had got out of a relationship that was on its way to becoming toxic, when I decided to leave the comfort of that and step out on my own, I found my voice and authenticity. As women, we have been told in this society to act a certain way and if we aren't that way, then we aren't good enough -- and that we should just put up and shut up. That particular time in my life allowed me to step into my power. It was the begining stages of walking on my own as a divine feminine and trusting that the universe knows what's best for me. Each piece I created was something I lived vicariously through and respresents a transformation of who I was, who I am or who I will be. We are in constant transformation and evolving either up or down, each woman in these pieces I have either worked with and inspired me. It ranges from being a Divine Goddess, to living in this 3-dimensional world and creating who I am in this experience through feminine energy, color, art and power.

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